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Let's join us to conquer Rinjani summit and make it as an unforgetable experience in your life time ever

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Firstly from Senggigi, we are heading to Pusuk Pass. Pusuk is high and cool mountain pass along the main road to the road is famous for its views and tropical monkeys that wait by the side of the road waiting for snacks from passers by. There is a restaurant for light snacks and to enjoy the fantastic natural panorama. Then, trailing the same main road, at last we arrive at Senaru traditional village as our second visit of the day.

Senaru village is a humble village which is dotted with old houses – maintained traditionally till nowadays as the perpetuation of Islam Wektu Telu religion heritage and the waktu telu religion is still being practiced by an estimated 5000 people just in Bayan itself including this villagers. Wektu Telu religion signifies the complex mixture of the three religions that comprise Wektu Telu: Balinese Hindhuism, Islam and Animism. Members of the Wektu Telu religion regards themselves as Muslims, although they are not officially accepted as such by mainstream Muslims. After this, then we are heading back down to the two waterfalls as our main activity of the day.

Those towering waterfalls are Sindang Gila and Tiu Kelep waterfall. Sindanggila is considered smaller than Tiu Kelep but its peculiarity is that it seems it cut through in the middle of the waterfall by a dike line is only to find that the more you are exploring down the river line off the main waterfall, the more you will encounter many other small waterfalls streaming down the dike line. After this, we are trailing up the irrigation steps and follow the ditch line and pass the brooks to get to Tiu Kelep. Tiu Kelep is regarded the biggest waterfall in Lombok, on its base is the pool which sending chilly and cool water for the swimmers and according to Lombok belief it will keep you young once you probe its chilly waters.

After that, then we are going back to some restaurant in senaru to take some respite. Then, we continue down to Islam Waktu Telu mosque is our last resort of our program of the day. Islam is said to have first arrived on Lombok at Bayan, and Bayan’s mosque, 300 years old, is thought to be the oldest on the island. End of our service.

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